OLLY C ประตูออโต้ Light Duty

OLLY C ประตูออโต Light Duty

OLLY C - For door weighing up to 40 kg ระบบประตูอัตโนมัติสำหรับบานประตูที่ติดตั้งแล้ว น้ำหนัก 40 Kg.

Frame Automations - OLLY C

Olly and Dok enable you to automate even pre-existing sliding openings.

They have been designed to enable easy installation of even large dimensions and weights on the structure and for the most widely varying uses.

Technical features

- Easy to install, silent operation and versatile automation for interior sliding doors.

- Designed for installation on commercial runners for hideaway wings.

- The door can be automatically operated by means of sensors or manually operated by gently pulling it towards the runner.

Main Features

- 24 V gear motor with built in encoder and control panel.

- Compact and easy to install.

- Can be fitted with different control systems: pushbutton, radar and other contact.


 - PULL & GO


 - LOW ENERGY - Opens and closes the door with reduced energy and speed



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